The Best Clicgear Golf Buggies and Accessories

If you golf in Australia or the States, then you are probably VERY familiar with Clicgear.

One of the biggest names in golf gear, Clicgear has made a name for themselves by designing high-quality and innovative carts and accessories. Customers also appreciate their free shipping and their generous warranties.

And one of the coolest parts of Clicgear is their extensive selection of buggy-accessories. This means that any Clicgear golf cart that you buy can be customised with any of Clicgear’s accessories and add ons.

For all of these reasons, we are quite fond of Clicgear golf buggies, which is why we made sure the alphard Club Booster V2 can easily attach to the flagship Clicgear buggies.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of our favourite Clicgear golf buggies..

#1 - Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear’s flagship 3-wheeled buggy, the Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart is an impressive feat of design and is enjoyed by golfers all over the world.

This buggy is built for a smooth ride so you can easily navigate the course. While it is a bit on the heavy side, it folds up into a compact shape, which makes transporting it a lot easier. 

Here are some more specs and features of the Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

  • 5 kg
  • Folds down to 33 x 38 x 61 cm
  • Large console for your pencil, scorecard and ball
  • Big storage net
  • Mount for an umbrella
  • New and improved saddle

Our experience with the Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart


While some golf buggies can look large and unpleasant the Clicgear Model 4.0 is beautifully designed. We also appreciate the fact that it is easy to use and can support up to 4 Clicgear accessories at once.


Weighing in at 9.5 kg, this is one of the heavier carts on the market. Also, the premium build means it’s going to come at a premium price tag.

#2 - Clicgear Model 8.0+ Golf Push Cart

If 3-wheels isn’t really your preference, then the 4-wheeled Clicgear Model 8.0+ Golf Cart Push might be more up your alley.

Made from high-quality materials, the 4-wheel version is going to be bigger and heavier, but it will also be more stable.

Here are a few other features of the Clicgear Model 8.0+ Golf Push Cart

  • 4 wheel design
  • 9 kg
  • 38 x 43 x 69 cm when closed
  • New and improved front brake
  • New and improved silicone strap system
  • New and improved saddle
  • Big storage net
  • Strap for pencil and scorecard

Our experience with the Clicgear Model 8.0+ Golf Push Cart


Like all Clicgear products, it’s made from the best materials and very thoughtfully designed. It’s super easy to set up and take down, and it’s very sturdy when navigating throughout the golf course.


It’s a bit big (especially when folded) and it’s quite heavy (9.9 kg).

Clicgear and Rovic

It should be clarified that Rovic (another golf gear brand) is owned by Clicgear, and you can find both brands on the Clicgear site, where you can also find Clicgear spare parts and Clicgear replacement parts.

If you are interested in Rovic gear, check out our favourite golf buggies by Rovic.

Which Clicgear golf buggies attach to the Alphard Club Booster V2?

Here at Alphard, we think the best way to experience golf is by walking the course.

And the best way to reduce fatigue while walking the course is to attach an Alphard Club Booster V2 to your golf buggy.

We currently only support the Clicgear Model 8.0+ Golf Push Cart and the Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart, but we are constantly adding new models to the mix.