8 Great Golf Buggy Accessories

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Here at Alphard, we are big fans of walking the golf course. It’s healthier, it enhances your performance, and overall it’s just more fun!

So let’s take your golf buggy to the next level by adding some flair.

Here are some of our favourite golf buggy accessories from some of the best brands around the world…

Golf Buggy Accessory #1 - Club Booster V2

The Club BoosterV2 is the best way to walk the course without fatiguing your game.

Transform your bulky golf buggy into a smooth ride with our electric wheels and remote control.

Golf Buggy Accessory #2 - Car Charger

Did you forget to charge your Club Booster at home?

No worries! Simply use the car charger in any standard cigarette lighter or DC outlet, and your Club Booster V2 will be fully charged in 2 hours or less.

Golf Buggy Accessory #3 - Spare battery

While the Club Booster 2 has been known to last a full 27 holes, it honestly depends on how many hills the golf course has, and how well-charged your Club Booster V2 is.

We always recommend bringing a spare battery - just in case.

Golf Buggy Accessory #4 - The Omni Cart

If you don’t currently have a golf cart to pair with the Club Booster V2 - the Omni Cart is one of the best options on the market.

Boasting tons of storage, a lockable front wheel, and premium aluminum materials, the Omni Cart works seamlessly with the Club Booster V2 and is one of the best golf buggy spare parts to own.

Golf Buggy Accessory #5 - Swivel Conversion Kit

If you own a Clicgear 3.0, 3.5+ or 4.0, then simply attach this kit to the back, and it will transform your buggy into a 4 wheel swivel buggy.

This kit will help make your Clicgear buggy more balanced and more maneuverable. 

Golf Buggy Accessory #6 - TFS

Go remote-free with the TFS - one of the coolest golf buggy spare parts we offer!

The TFS (Tether Follow Sensor) simply clips to your belt, reads how far you are from the cart, and adjusts your cart’s speed to match.

Golf Buggy Accessory #7 - Travel Cover

Keep your Club Booster V2 safe and easy to move with the Alphard Travel Cover.

This signature duffel is made from high quality nylon material, and has a reinforced interior wall so that your Club Booster V2 is well-protected, and easily transported.

Golf Buggy Accessory #8 - Wheelie Bar

The final golf buggy spare part on our list is the Alphard Wheelie Bar. This is a great accessory for anyone who owns the Club Booster V2 and looking for assistance stabilising their buggy while they are on hills.

Easily to attach and unattach, the wheelie bar will help stabilise your Club Booster V2 and make sure it doesn’t tip over while on any hills.