Why you Should be Using an Electric Golf Buggy

There are two types of golfers.

Those who drive the course.

And those who walk the course.

Here at Alphard, we are firm believers that walking the course is the best way to experience a round of golf. And the best way to walk the course AND reserve your energy is by using an electric buggy.

Here are our top 5 reasons that walking the course with an electric buggy is the best way to enjoy a game of golf!

Reason #1 - Electric Buggies are Better for your health

The most obvious reason why walking is better than driving a cart - it’s great for your health!

How good for your health? Well, walking an 18-hole course usually means you will.

  • Walk around 10,000 steps
  • Cover about 4 km of ground
  • Burn twice as many calories as if you were driving!

It will enhance your coordination and balance, and give you a bigger rush of endorphins - all of which will sharpen your concentration and improve your performance.

Walking the whole course is committing to your health. Which is one of the most important aspects of playing any sport.

Reason #2 - Electric Buggies Help Conserve Strength

Did you know that a golf bag filled with clubs weighs around 9 kg?

So while we do want to walk for the health benefits, we don’t want to do so at the cost of our game.

And let’s face it - walking an entire 18-holes with a 9 kg golf bag can be exhausting.

Enter - the electric golf buggy... it’s the best of both worlds!

You can still get the health benefits of walking and a solid dose of vitamin D, but you can let the electric buggy lug around the 9 kg of iron. 

Reason #3 - Electric Golf Buggies help reduce injury risk

While the joys of walking the course are immeasurable, the truth is that dragging around 9 kg of golf-gear for 6.4 km can do some damage to your body.

Think about it.

You are constantly pushing and pulling and stopping and starting and lifting and putting down your bag - which can really take its toll.

Golfers already have to deal with enough injuries as it is.

So do yourself a favour by doing your elbows, back, neck and shoulders a favour - go electric with the Club Booster V2.

Reason #4 - Electric Buggies (like the Club Booster V2) are Extremely Simple to Use

There are enough complications in life - no one needs another!

Thankfully electric golf buggies are simple to assemble, and even simpler to use.

For example, attaching the Alphard Club Booster V2 to your favourite golf buggy only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be able to drive it on your first try with our easy-to-use remote.

Reason #5 - You can be more social!

An underappreciated benefit of walking the course is you can be more social.

Driving around on a golf cart can be isolating. You will be either by yourself or stuck with the same person.

But walking the course means you can interact and chat with more fellow golfers, or more importantly, the people you are actually golfing with (particularly if you are golfing in a foursome).