"The Club Booster eWheels are one of my favorite products I've ever reviewed.  If I walked more I would buy them in a heartbeat......These really are the greatest golf invention for walking since the 3-wheel push cart." - @Independent Golf Reviews:
"At the course, getting play ready is nothing more complicated than unfolding your push cart as usual, extending the axles on the eWheels, and then attaching the cart brackets to the axle. Of all of the design elements of the eWheels, this is the one that is most impressive. It is easy, easy, easy to get set up" - Dave Wolfe, @MyGolfSpy:
"Bought Alphard Golf eWheels for my wife as we like to walk our golf course. Loved the eWheels so much I bought them for myself." - Richard H., Customer review
"I was wondering how well this product would work, and I here to tell u its AMAZING!!!" - Darrel H., Customer review
"A full season with my eWheels (original Sun Mountain V1) was completed a little more than a month ago .. and it got plenty of use (more than 100 rounds)! Once the anti-tipping (Hill Tamers) wheels were installed in July then life with my eWheels on the very hilly course that I play became much more enjoyable! Lots of other members were generally intrigued and inquisitive about it the device and my experiences." - George Postalian, Kickstarter Backer
"We absolutely love our eWheels!! I just wish we would of bought (2) of them. Will original backers get a discount and when will they be for sale?  Thanks for an awesome product!" - Scott Mount Campbell, Kickstarter Backer

"The alphard booster ewheels has allowed me to start walking the golf course again. I my only regret is that I should have bought it sooner. Highly recommended." - Thomas Gallegos, Customer review

"I like to walk playing golf and found my energy depleted pushing my clubs around. There were many things I liked about this cart over a full system set up. I was able to test it out at my local golf course and I used it today for the first time and I am amazed at the product. It performs perfectly and is so easy to use. I found that after walking 9 holes I had plenty of energy to spare and even took strokes off of my game." - GaleH, Customer review

"If you like to walk and don't want to push a cart This is a great investment. Converting the cart for the e-wheels took about 25 minutes. Played 18 on a reasonably hilly course still had half a battery charge. I bought the wheelie bars did not have any tipping issues. Highly recommend" - Mark, Customer review @RockBottomGolf

"If you have bad knees or a bad back but you want to walk the course. THIS IS FOR YOU!!  I have used this several times already and I now can walk 18 without my knees hurting from the pressure of pushing a cart. For me this is a dream come true. I am 49 and I want to loose weight this summer. Walking is the way." - Tom P., Customer review @RockBottomGolf

"I have always enjoyed walking but the last few years have begun to lessen my golfing experience. Since purchasing, I have begun to enjoy it more and some of my other pushing buddies are thinking of buying. We may have a whole fleet in the near future." - Rick K., Customer review

 "I have a course with hills. Makes it so easy to climb!  Customer service is terrific!" - Bonnie, Customer review

"Have only had the chance to install the ewheels on my Rovic golf cart, will say that it was very easy to install and went together quickly. Instructions were good and all the parts were included." - Tom Z., Customer review @BudgetGolf

"There is a silver lining in every cloud. Because of Covid-19 I knew I'd have to walk to play golf. I was not healthy enough to do that so I had to make a choice get healthy or quit playing golf. That was not a choice for me. I started walking and bought the EWheels system. Four months later I'm 35 Lbs. lighter and walking the golf course again for the first time in years and I couldn't be happier." - Robert D., Customer review @AlphardGolfUSA

"These wheels do everything they were advertised to do. By finally lowering the price point to where more people can buy them you've created a very useful product. It's always worked for me even on very hilly courses. I've never gone below two lights of the five for the battery charge for 18 holes." Michael T., Customer review @AlphardGolfUSA