Best Golf Buggies on Walkinshaw

If you are a golfer in New Zealand or Australia, then you are most certainly familiar with Walkinshaw.

One of the biggest golf retailers in the land down under, Walkinshaw has a large selection of golf gear including buggies, balls, clubs and outerwear.

Here are some of our favourite golf caddies currently available on WSports....

#1 - Rovic RV1C (Compact)

Boasting a compact build and a versatile three wheel design, the Rovic RV1 Compact has been a go-to for golfers around the world for years.

Some other features of the Rovic RV1 Compact are…

  • Three wheel design
  • 61 x 38 x 33 cm
  • Easy to fold
  • Patented design
  • Hand-mounted brake
  • Umbrella mount
  • Plenty of storage

Our experience with the Rovic RV1 Compact


We like its compact size and ease of use. There are also five colour options, which is always appreciated.


A fixed front wheel makes turning a bit difficult.  At this price there are better options.

#2 - Rovic RV1S (Swivel)

Arguably Rovic’s most popular golf buggy, the Rovic RS1S is defined by amazing craftsmanship, premium materials, and (most importantly) its front swivel wheel.

The RV1S was also recently upgraded! Rovic added silicone bag straps and an external ball clip - both of which work great.

Let’s take a look at some of its other features...

  • 3 wheels
  • 360 degree front swivel wheel
  • Swivel wheel lock
  • Easy to use folding action

Our experience with the Rovic RV1S


It’s sturdy, it’s well-made, and we love how it folds down into a very compact shape. If you are looking for a compact solution, this might be the best option on Walkinshaw. 


Some reported that the front wheel is a bit small and easily get caught by taller grass.

#3 - Clicgear Model 4

The last brand on our list is Clicgear - a Hong Kong based company that makes some truly great golf gear.

One of the more popular (and expensive) golf buggies on Walkinshaw, this is an ideal piece of gear for anyone who wants a buggy that is truly premium.

Model 4 got some pretty impressive upgrades from Model 3. Here are a few of its most noteworthy features...

  • 3 wheel design
  • Adjustable upper saddle
  • Improved lower saddle
  • Upgraded silicon straps
  • Impressive colour options
  • Accessories available

 Our experience with the Clicgear Model 4


The Clicgear Model 4 is well-designed and is bursting with awesome features. If you can afford it, this is possibly the best golf buggy that money can buy.


It’s pricey. And the features will be overkill for the average golfer. The fixed front wheel limits turning but can be fixed by adding the swivel wheel retrofit kit we designed specifically for Clicgear.

Which Golf Buggies on Walkinshaw attach to the Alphard Club Booster V2?

If you are looking for a golf buggy on Walkinshaw that can attach to our Club Booster V2, then we recommend getting either the Rovic RV1S, the Rovic RV1C, or the Clicgear Model 4.