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V1 Remote Control(software version 1.0)

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V1 remote control has two software versions 1.0 and 1.01. Version of remote can be found on label printing of original remote control, or product label on Club Booster Ewheel. Please select the correct software version when placing order.

You may pair remote control with Club Booster V1 by following steps:

Step 1 - Power off the Club Booster.

Step 2 - Remove one battery from the Controller.

Step 3 - Press and hold the “Stop” button and reinsert the battery.

Step 4 - Power on the Club Booster.

Step 5 - Release the “Stop” button. The LED on the Controller will start blinking. After a few seconds the LED on the Controller will stay on and the units are now paired and ready to be used.

Premium components

Club Booster V2's body is made of aircraft grade extruded aluminum — making Club Booster V2 impressively durable, long-lasting and strong. 

Each wheel is constructed from wear resistant polyurethane, letting them roll over virtually anything without worry or damage. Rocks, sand, asphalt and more, Club Booster V2 will tread over any terrain without complaint or trouble.